17th April 2011 17:46
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omg, stop it. you are too damn cute. 

30th March 2011 23:07
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You can be my Prince Eric

Joss Whedon Character Swap:
Sean Maher as Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog. 
Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Simon Tam from Firefly. 

You know what my fellow Browncoats, I agree. 

I mean, as much as it sucks that this wonderful program got cancelled, the amount of hype that has been created to get the show back on the air is boarder-line compulsive and a little crazy. The Help Nathan buy Firefly movement is heart-warming but even Mr. Fillion himself has said for fans to not donate their money to such a cause. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see new episodes or a sequel but I’m not going to get my hopes up, because as a browncoat I’m proud to say that I get enjoyment out of the short 14 episode series, the movie, the bonus features, the endless hour of available fan fiction, the comic books, the graphics, art work, this blog, other blogs, the references in other TV shows. All of this makes me happy to know that I’m part of something that even though it ended in 2002 is still very much alive today, in thousands of people hearts. Which is enough for me. Enough to declare myself a proud independent and I will rewatch the series the movie, re-read all the comics and fan fiction and re-browse google images, deviant art and everything else until my heart is content. In the famous words of Mal, we have have done the impossible and that makes us mighty. So lets enjoy what we have, each other and what we can create.

Stay Shiny my lovely browncoats. 

2nd March 2011 3:51
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One of my favorite quotes from Firefly.

2nd March 2011 0:58
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Movie Quote of the Week


Dr. Simon Tam: In all that time on the ship… I’ve always regretted… not being with you.

Kaylee Frye: With me? You mean to say… as in sex?

Dr. Simon Tam: I mean to say.

Kaylee Frye: To Hell with this. I’m gonna live!

(From Serenity)

1st March 2011 23:03
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SimonI am very smart. I went to the best Medacad in Osiris, top three percent of my class, finished my internship in eight months. “Gifted” is the term. So when I tell you that my little sister makes me look like an idiot child, I want you to understand my full meaning. River was more than gifted. She… she was a gift. Everything she did, music, math, theoretical physics - even dance - there was nothing that didn’t come as naturally to her as breathing does to us… 

 There was a school… a government-sponsored academy, we had never even heard of it but it had the most exciting program, the most challenging. We could have sent her anywhere, we had the money, but, she wanted to go. She wanted to learn. She was fourteen. I, uh… I got a few letters at first, and then I didn’t hear for months. Finally I got a letter that made no sense. She talked about things that never happened, jokes that we never… It was code. It just said… “They’re hurting us. Get me out.”

1st March 2011 22:05
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I love the Firefly episode “Jaynestown,” especially all the epic Simon moments.

1st March 2011 21:27
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He is so adorable, I can’t handle it.