28th February 2011 17:37
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Let party begin!

I started Twitter RPing.

And it’s kinda fantastic. 


Joinnnn usssss.

Firefly, xkcd. Need I say more?

25th February 2011 14:18
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  • Mal: If anyone gets nosy, you know, just... shoot 'em.
  • Zoë: Shoot 'em?
  • Mal: Politely.

I’m dying, literally dying. 

This is too rich. 

Here are the lyrics:

You may say is repulsive
To hang people by feet
But I have…reputation
And reputation I must keep

So you will not do the train job?
That makes me upset
You give me back my money
But we are not even yet

Everyone’s a Nishka in their own way
Everyone does torture up in space
Though not as good as I
You all yell and cry when I cut your face
Everyone’s a Nishka in their own way
In their own slightly less psychotic way

So I capture captain Reynolds
Yeah, and his pilot too
His crew gave me money, enough for one, but not two
But yes, I am thinking
That this is, too much
I’m thinking I should offer up some kind of refund 

Everyone’s a Nishka in their own way
Everyone reads the works of Shan Yu
So mister Reynolds
Why don’t we go to meet 
the real you?
Everyone’s a Nishka in their own way
You and you and mostly me and you

I’m crazy and hold grudges
And I killed my wife’s nephew
And I won’t like it when River closes her eyes and kills my crew


Everyone’s a Nishka in their own way
Everyone can shoot Kayleigh’s entrails
Or torture with a knife
Or stab a douchey guy
When his duel fails

Everyone’s a Nishka in their own way
Everyone’s a Nishka in their…..


I know this has been posted like, a million times, but it still makes me cracks up every time. 

A wonderful wallpaper made by one of my fellow browncoat friends. 

We have done the impossible and that makes us mighty.
Malcolm Reynolds, Serenity. 
20th February 2011 0:07
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Firefly Character Study: Malcolm Reynolds, Jaynestown. 

(I had The Hero of Canton song stuck in my head the whole time I created this.)