Unpopular Opinion.

So, I read an article that said that Joss Whedon doesn’t support the help Nathan buy Firefly movement, but really the comment came from a sister in law that said no one in the verse was on officially on board and that the fans should save their money. 

One person commented on it, outraged, by the misleading title, that Joss never said such a thing and that everything that has been posted about Firefly in the recent media has been misleading like “Firefly Returning to Cable” and things of that nature. The user also went on to say that we should still try and bring the show back, even though there really is no support for the fund. 

Personally, I may or may not lose followers because of this, but, I feel like the fund or campaign is a losing fight and an effort that will ultimately produce no results. For one they are just taking pledges, not actual money, which is smart. Except when it comes to people there is a HUGE difference between saying you’ll donate 100 dollars to ACTUALLY donating a 100 dollars. 

If I had 200% proof that Firefly would return and they needed help from the fans that golly, I’d donate some money. Probably not 100, more like 10. I just personally think the browncoats should save their money and invest in Firefly merchandise or something else related to help the franchise. I just think that’d be a better use of time and money.

Don’t get me wrong, the campaign is lovely and probably very heart warming to everyone that was involved with Firefly, but, let’s enjoy what we have and not go over board, shall we?

Stay Shiny. 

10th March 2011 18:20
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I think this song describes the battle for the Independence. 

Ludo: Battle Cry. 


oh, is there anything left to say? 
you’ve been down so long you’ve forgotten to believe 
you’re watching it slip away 
you’ve been kicked around, they got you on your knees 
but they’re all the same 
they laugh and walk away 
and they think you’ll turn around and go back home 
back at home 
they said you’d never win 
you don’t just climb the hill and grab the crown 
but they’re all the same 
scared of judgement day 
and you’re sure you’ll turn around and go back home 
but noooo 

we are young 
but we will never die 
we won’t give up 
this is our battle cry 
we will defeat the other guy 

gonna sit there in defeat 
you better suck it up boy and get up off the ground 
you forget they made you bleed 
they kicked you like a dog when you were down 
if there’s anyone 
looking out above 
then they’ll never see us coming to reclaim our glorious days

we dream the dreams 
now we will fight the fight 
we will defeat the other guys 

and we’ll lead the dreams 
until they die inside 
we’ll raise their kids 
and commandeer their wives 
we’ll curse their gods 
and drink up all their wine 
we will defeat the other guys  
(other guys)

Joss Whedon Character Swap:
Sean Maher as Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog. 
Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Simon Tam from Firefly. 

9th March 2011 21:35
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8th March 2011 18:15
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How much do YOU love Firefly? As much as this man?

7th March 2011 11:58
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Wait… this isn’t what you were looking for?

Frye Friday!

Sorry it took so long to post, I slept in- a lot. 

Submit adorable poems that describe Kaylee or ones you wrote yourself! :D

You know what my fellow Browncoats, I agree. 

I mean, as much as it sucks that this wonderful program got cancelled, the amount of hype that has been created to get the show back on the air is boarder-line compulsive and a little crazy. The Help Nathan buy Firefly movement is heart-warming but even Mr. Fillion himself has said for fans to not donate their money to such a cause. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see new episodes or a sequel but I’m not going to get my hopes up, because as a browncoat I’m proud to say that I get enjoyment out of the short 14 episode series, the movie, the bonus features, the endless hour of available fan fiction, the comic books, the graphics, art work, this blog, other blogs, the references in other TV shows. All of this makes me happy to know that I’m part of something that even though it ended in 2002 is still very much alive today, in thousands of people hearts. Which is enough for me. Enough to declare myself a proud independent and I will rewatch the series the movie, re-read all the comics and fan fiction and re-browse google images, deviant art and everything else until my heart is content. In the famous words of Mal, we have have done the impossible and that makes us mighty. So lets enjoy what we have, each other and what we can create.

Stay Shiny my lovely browncoats. 

4th March 2011 0:14
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This time I really did loose a follower.

3rd March 2011 23:22
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Submit your favorite Jayne & Zoe quotes, screencaps, graphics, videos, WHATEVER it will get posted!