17th April 2011 17:46
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omg, stop it. you are too damn cute. 

13th April 2011 2:38
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I’ve been out of the world a spell.

And I apologize.

The form for browncoat of the week WILL be posted tomorrow. 
That I promise.

Luckily the co-owner has been making sure this place is still active. <3


13th April 2011 2:37
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Follow them!


To get an over load of Morena! :D

13th April 2011 2:35
a response
Hey, I don't know if you do this but would you mind promoting http://fymorenabaccarin.tumblr.com?


wanna be affiliated? 

13th April 2011 0:58
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All three. Dead in an instant. Her eyes still closed… she just did the math… Nobody can shoot like that that’s a person. 

Right after, she looked at me, and she smiled, like nothin’ was wrong. Like we were playin’. Scared me.

12th April 2011 23:03
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Made for a challenge over at Whedonland. River’s monologue has always been one of my favourite Whedon scenes.

12th April 2011 22:05
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Firefly s1ep5 - Safe

12th April 2011 21:08
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Dear Diary,


Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were kidnapped by hill folk, never to be seen again. It was the best day ever!

12th April 2011 20:10
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12th April 2011 19:12
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